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Seoul Dragon City

Seoul Dragon City Brand Story

  • Sky Beach

    Sky Beach

  • Sky Beach

    Sky Beach

  • Mong-Friendly at Grand Mercure

    Mong-Friendly at Grand Mercure

  • Sweet Softness of A La Maison Deli

    Sweet Softness of A La Maison Deli

  • Natural Wine Promotion @ Sky Kingdom

    Natural Wine Promotion @ Sky Kingdom


Stroll to the Pond of Birth at the foot of DoDo. Korean legend says a serpent lay dormant in the water as it transformed into a dragon. After 1,000 years, the creature awoke and ascended to the heavens. The pond is said to have the power to bring good fortune. Make a wish. Watch your dream become reality.


Seoul Dragon City’s main symbol is a dragon, an imaginary creature from Korean mythology. The mythology states that a 500-year-old snake turns into the basic form of dragon ‘Imugi,’ in other words the lesser dragon, and it finally becomes a full-fledged dragon after the ‘Imugi’ stays inside water for another 500 years. And then with the mythical Cintamani, which has the abilities of omnipotence and creation at will, the full-fledged dragon ascends into the heaven.

Dragon Hill

With a name derived from the characters for “Dragon Hill,” the Yongsan region has long been thought to possess the power of dragons. Unlike the creatures of destruction from Western lore, local legend says dragons are benevolent creatures that bestow fortune upon those they meet.

Dragon Shape

The complex’s towers are joined to create the shape of a serpent-like dragon from Korean mythology. A dragon wave adorns the rooftop. Be on the lookout for these details – the mark of the dragon is all around you.